Network of the Learning Sciences in Canada 

Our Network 

Our Network includes researchers in the Learning Sciences who seek to advance equity-oriented relationships and collaborations that enhance scholarship in, on, and for learning. Learning Sciences is an interdisciplinary field that advances research of learning in all of its forms and is represented by the International Society of the Learning Sciences (

As a Network, we are aligned with the vision set out by the International Society of the Learning Sciences, while also amplifying voices and context-specific, place-based scholarship from the geopolitical margins. While we embrace transnational scholarship reflecting the histories of immigration and refuge in Canadian society, and we use "Canada" in our Network to reflect our organizing efforts to foster equity-oriented scholarship of the learning sciences to include non-American contexts, we also acknowledge the colonial histories that the national marker, “Canada," carries. We know that the place we share was first called Turtle Island and as a collective, we commit to reflect on Canada’s colonial past, learn from emerging truths, and act toward reconciliation with and the resurgence of Indigenous communities.

Our Network is dynamic and porous; our membership is not restricted by geographical borders. 

We welcome anyone who is interested in learning with us and working for collective learning and action.

Miwa A. Takeuchi & Jennifer A. Vadeboncoeur

Leadership Team, Network of the Learning Sciences in Canada

Our Hopes 

Building a “Network”: porous, dynamic, and connected to other “nodes” for shared visions

Foregrounding Porous: not bounded by national boundaries, intentional about:

Foregrounding Dynamic:

Foregrounding Connection:


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