Learning and Emotion: Critical Perspctives

February 9, 2022

This session featured Dr. Tanner Vea and Dr. Sarah El Halwany in the form of scholarly discussion and small group discussion. The discussion was followed by social activities.

Moderated by Dr. Chris Ostrowdun and Dr. Rishi Krishnamoorthy

About Our Speakers:

Dr. Tanner Vea is an Assistant Professor at the Penn State University, College of Education. His works are exploring emotion, politics, and relation as learning processes and outcomes. Check Dr. Vea's writing on emotions and learning in the Journal of the Learning Sciences and in the British Journal of Educational Technology

Dr. Sarah El Halwany is a Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Calgary, Werklund School of Education. She studies the affective politics within science education environments, focusing on the reproductive and productive capacities of bodies, emotions and discourses. Check Dr. El Halwany's writing on the affective politics in the Cultural Studies of Science Education

The session was moderated by Dr. Chris Ostrowdun (Postdoctoral Fellow, Mount Royal University) and Dr. Rishi Krishnamoorthy (Postdoctoral Scholar, Rutgers University)