Groupe d’intérêt spécialisé: Sciences de l’apprentissage (GIS-SA)

Special Interest Group: The Learning Sciences (SIG-LS)

We are the home of the Learning Sciences SIG (Special Interest Group) of the Canadian Society for Studies in Education. Currently, we are a subunit within CERA (Canadian Educational Research Association).

GIS-SA/SIG-LS is founded in 2019, after participating in CSSE as CERA members. Our scholarship intends to initiate, promote, support, and advance our understanding of how people learn in context, and approaches to designing innovative and equity-driven learning environments in diverse settings. The members of GIS-SA/SIG-LS will provide scholarly leadership to the Canadian education research community for the theoretical, methodological, and practical advances in the Learning Sciences.

We hope to see you at CSSE 2020 in London, ON from May 30-June 4, 2020!

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Current Executives

President: Beaumie Kim (University of Calgary)

Senior Advisors: Jrène Rahm (Université de Montréal), Kevin O’Neil (Simon Fraser University)

Program Chair: Doug Clark (University of Calgary)

Graduate Student Officer: Chris Ostrowdun (University of Calgary), Stephanie Hladik (University of Calgary)